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Model SS-38-BLK

Steel Head - Black Finish

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 With our tools, sign go up higher, faster and stay up longer!

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 The One and only Bandit Sign Sledgein action


Sal Pizzurro (Inventor)

Hi! My name is Sal Pizzurro. I am an inventor, a real estate investor and the owner of I use Bandit Signs in all of my business endeavors and it’s a little known fact that Bandit Signing is one of the best Marketing methods for any business. I invented The Sign Sledge for myself and now I’d like to make one for you. Please Like us on facebook

Recent Testimonials


Got it, love it! Sorry for the delay. This is an amazing tool! I was skeptical at first of how much better and faster it would be than  putting them up by hand, but there’s no question about it now. You bet  I’ll spread the word, and thanks for making this awesome product! I also want to say thanks again for the rebate you offered when the order took a little longer to ship, you didn’t have to but you did, and that speaks to your integrity. Take care, and have a great weekend!


"The sign sledge is the most valuable tool in my wholesale real estate arsenal. I can put Bandit Signs up higher than anyone can reach without a ladder and they stay up much longer! "the sign sledge rules. My competition is calling me asking me how I'm doing it!!!

Payton L.

Sal....Thanks again for a great tool. I hesitate to tell you for I don't like competition but it works great. Stop making them; I want to be the only one to have one.


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